Corey and Joel Radio Show #23: Hot Tubs and Hot Water

The fallout from show #22 begins, as Joel’s lovely girlfriend Kim stops by to get the real story. A sordid tale of vodka shots, joints and wild jacuzzi action unfolds, as the boys recount last weeks post show antics. Will love survive? And what was Kim’s revenge? Also: International mailbag, doing it at the drive-in, the secrets of man sauce, and much more.
Right click here to download – 79 minutes, 32 megs

Corey and Joel Radio Show #16: A Dog, a Bitch and a Hot Chick

The lovely Lindsay (the hot chick) is our special guest. Listen as she details Joel’s gay birthday party outfit, what it’s like to be hit on by an actual homosexual, and unmissable stories about the worst roommate ever (the bitch). Also, a killer Jello recipe, Lindsay and Joel put their seductive powers to the test in a Cosmo quiz, and meet our new mascot – Fergus (the dog)!
Right click here to download – 74 minutes, 30 megs
Party Pics:

Lindsay and Fergus in studio: