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The two part Show #66

Here’s links to the two part show #66. If you’re not burning CDs, then there’s really no reason to use this version.
Here’s part 1 – 29 minutes – Up to the break with just Corey, Joel and Laura.
Here’s part 2 – 58 minutes – From after the break when Kristina joins and later Steffanie. This is when it gets crazy.

Corey and Joel Radio Show #10: A Touch of Cass

By popular demand, Joel’s dream date from show #9, Cass, stops in. Yes, that’s the teenage girl from the side of the road. She’s actually a hot chick and Corey is stunned. Why did she did get into his car? What’s with the tattoos? Can she name the Beatles? Will she ever “ride” with Joel again? Get to know our adorable new friend.
Cass Loves ToffifayJoel and Cass strike a pose
Right click here to download – 74 minutes, 30 megs